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8a - 10p  Mon - Sun
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Cuisine was initially formed in 1983 by former members of the T-Birds 50’s – 60’s show band. Henry Kuhn (Drums), Tony Bodine (Sax) and Jimmy Leaber (Vocals) conversed and decided to push forward into the 70’s and 80’s musical genre, wanting to put together a horn section for the purpose of surprising people with the sounds of Chicago, Blood Sweat & Tears and a mixture of classic horn music and blues. Throw in old Crescent’s band mate Jerry Culbertson (Trumpet), add Anthony Catalano (Trombone), Mike Migliore (Lead Guitar) and Bob Huibers (Bass). The band blended their sound of 70’s horn rock with some of the sharp 80’s sound and threw in a pinch of 50’s rock and roll and 60’s horn music and there you had the ingredients for Cuisine. As in all recipes’ for success, some spicing up did occur due to unforeseen circumstances during the Band’s inception and the group added Mike Parker (Keyboards) and Steve Jones (Bass) to compliment its versatile sound. Cuisine performed at dances, parties, charitable events and even some venue’s that famed recording artist Benny Grunch would say “Ain’t there no more” - Augie’s Delago, Christopher’s and Stryker’s…. to name a few. The band then adjusted its flavor with a few personnel changes in the late 80’s….adding Charlie “Cat” Catalano (Sax), Darryl Barnes (Bass), B.J. Perez (keyboards), Lorne Heine (trumpet), Gary Marchese (Lead Guitar) and Barbara Strohmeyer (Vocalist). The group transformed to more traditional dance music, blending their Chicago – Blood Sweat & Tears inspiration with 80’s pop hits and the female vocalizations of Gloria Estefan, Sade and Basia.

In 2007, following discussions with former band member Mike Migliore, Cuisine was re-established.  This time going after that same 70’s horn sound and classic southern rock, but seasoning the music with the unique sound of a vibraphone and heavy percussion to add a twist of jazz.  The group re-united with Original members Henry Kuhn (Drums), Mike Migliore (Lead Guitar), Mike Parker (Keyboards), Steve Jones (Bass), Jimmy Leaber (Lead Vocals), Anthony Catalano (Trombone), and add former member Charlie “Cat” Catalano (Sax) along with Paul Weiser (Trumpet) to top off the horn section. The savory sound of Horns and Percussion make Tabasco Sauce taste mild.

In 2011, we welcomed back a former member of Cuisine, Bass / Vocalist, Daryl Barnes.

In 2013 we welcomed a new percussionist and  vocalist, Keith Juneau. 

In 2014 we welcomed our new saxophonist and vocalist, Rory Duffour.

In 2018 we welcomed our new sound technician, Keith Dellsperger

In 2019 we welcomed our new lead guitarist and vocalist, Bob Kemp.





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